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Duck decoys are sometimes used in duck hunting to attract real ducks. Use black for the center and a lighter color, like red or yellow around it. Call or Visit Vincenti Decoys retail store in Havre de Grace for all of your decoy carving supplies and collectible needs. Th 7 Jun 2018 After a hunting season, your duck decoys are dirty and muddy. Flying or full-body decoys are great to place in the field. Create American Folk Art by learning to carve and paint the contemporary antique decoy. Baby MOJO Mallard Decoy, Drake. After forty five years of working with knives and chisels, it was difficult to leave my work bench with nothing but paint and brushes. The process of making wood decoys begins with a couple blocks of wood, then some elbow grease with hand tools, and some paint to create the finished product. Impressionism and gunning decoys Re-painting gunning stool is one of my favorite off-season "chores". Paint the eyes of your unfinished duck decoy. Vintage Duck Decoy Black Duck By Cliff Avann 1888 To 1965 Ontario - $100. diameter in order to reduce the occurrence of cracked and broken shanks commonly found on older Herters Decoys heads. Fall 2011 - Vincenti Decoys launches its new web site offering upper bay style decoys carved by Pat Vincenti, Decoy Carving Supplies, Ronan Decoy Paints, Vintage Waterfowl Accessories, and Chesapeake Bay Collectible Decoys. Paint brushes, paint cans, air brushes, and HVLP guns are all suitable methods of paint deployment. Buy Now. That guide was not even half as well done as the painting schedule in "Antique Style Duck Decoys". Decoys as real as the birds flying overhead. The Essential Series offers a quality mallard Direct to Decoy vibrant color shift paint process for long-lasting adhesion • DuraSoft supple body provides . Face it into the wind and watch it do its magic. Carvers would then sand, prime and paint the decoys in natural colors. Cinnamon Teal Decoy Blank. Find your duck decoys paint wmw right now! Wood Duck Decoys - Ducks Unlimited, Canvasback Decoy, Duck Decoy, and more. Lance shows how to paint decoys to bulk up your spread for the fall. Use tape to mask off the pattern (wings, etc…) for whatever type of duck you are making. The following is a list of manufacturers and products carried by the Duck Blind. The duck has distressed black paint on its body with a softer grey on its head. 00. 99 Bluebill - $57. Unfollow decoy paint to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. viewmode categories. Dec 11, 2015 · Following the lead of Native American hunters, new settlers with wood-crafting abilities began making lifelike wooden decoys complete with artistic species-specific paint patterns. Floating duck decoys in 6 or 12 pack, realistic paint scheme in high impact plastic. It takes time and planning, but the end results can leave you with new looking decoys for waterfowl Be sure to let the decoys set up for a couple of weeks before painting. 45 Fulvous Whistling Duck - $47. Comes in a 6-pack with 4 drakes and 2 hens. Create a convincing display in your hunting area by using several of these realistic duck decoys for sale in our selection. 99 Ringneck - $63. Vintage Antique. The decoy may even have bullet holes. True-to-life postures with vivid color schemes combined in a durable package designed for hard use. From detailed, lifelike paint jobs to motion duck decoys that give the illusion of movement, these decoys can help make your hunting grounds look like a hospitable place for prospective game. Even new decoys eventually lose their luster, so most waterfowl-hunting sportsmen should learn how to paint duck decoys. . Don’t forget to sign you name to the bottom. The world auction record for the Mason Decoy Factory is a premier grade wood duck that Guyette & Deeter sold for $690,000 in 2014. This will be a nice addition to your decoy collection. Also included are the correct Autumn Wings painted or unpainted wood head of your choice and the mounting screw. Once all leaks are repaired and the Lexel patches have hardened, it’s time to touch up or repaint the decoys. Dove Decoy Blank. These decoys were built with durable hard plastic and long lasting paint job, they are specifically designed to integrate with various type of torpedos. Neck is firm with a thick nail or rod thru head, neck and body. Entice more waterfowl with amazingly realistic duck decoys. RARE COMPENSATING MUSEUM QUALITY FOLK ART VERMONT LG 42 INCH ORGINAL PAINT DECOY. MY DECOYS!!! My goal is to provide a custom decoy at the lowest prices possible for those who want to hunt over something different. Oil Based Paints can be used on all decoys. While you need not be a professional artist to create a reasonable facsimile of a live duck, you must understand the basic process and materials necessary for the job. Shop the biggest selection of duck decoys online at Mack's PW. Duck Decoys $45. You can leave your decoy smooth or you can carve it to any degree of detail that you desire. 99 Bufflehead - $55. Every detail from the pattern drawing to the final brush stroke is carefully scrutinized for perfection. viewmode. Active ingredients in the spray paint will eat into the foam and ruin their outer surface. ICOtec Outlaw Programmable Game Call/Decoy Combo. Now, as any duck hunter will tell you, there's nothing new under the sun where using decoys to lure ducks, geese and other  Painting duck decoys. The molds are built tough, so you never have to worry about losing heads and the life-like body postures and paint schemes are phenomenal. Item: IK-424144. 6 pack includes 3 active drakes and 3 active hens. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. . This product is the only decoy paint designed around the way that ducks and geese actually see color. 8 based on 4 Reviews "This is a very high-quality paint sprayed UV Decoy paint for painting all types of snow goose decoys duck decoys and Canada goose decoys this decoy paint is very durable for years of decoy use. The flocked surfaces absorb light similar to the way that feathers do, giving a more realistic appearance. I use liquitex acrylics, but any flat house paint will work. Formulated in-house to bring to the customers a superior easy to use adhesive. Keep the decoy simple as far  28 Aug 2014 But know this: hunters have been fooling ducks for eons with pieces of old tires, mud piles, bundles of straw, cardboard silhouettes, painted soda bottles, commercial net floats, and more. Goldberger and Alan G. list categories. If you find a lower price on flambeau hunting decoys somewhere else, we'll match it with our Best Price Guarantee. $18. With a spread of hundreds of dollars worth of the best decoys money can by, ducks always land around my hand painted decoys. Velvet Feather flocking available for your decoys-various customs colors for Ducks and Geese. _ Considering how much enjoyment they provide, waterfowl decoys don’t get much respect. Look to us for your duck hunting decoy needs. The swimming motor powered by one C size battery running at 15,000rpm, not only it moves quite nicely in the water, it also runs longer compare to regular swimming duck. By Tom Matus . Includes four drakes, two hens. Antique duck decoys can be beautiful works of art, working old duck decoys, or most often something in between. It is still possible to find unmarked Mason decoys in antique stores and auctions without them being identified. Fatal Fan Turkey Decoy. Our decoys are proudly manufactured in a small community located in Piqua, Ohio from recycled materials and sold in Conowingo, Maryland. These decoys are the most realistic duck decoys you will ever hunt with. After painting make sure to put the decoys in an environment conducive to drying and give them a couple of days to do so. I painted divers out of my old mallard decoys. Each sample paint kit contains enough paint to cover 3-6 Heritage Series magnum decoys. You can purchase duck decoys for any species you'd like, or you can easily paint your own with spray paint and/or acrylic Duck Decoys: Classic Carving Projects Made Easy (Fox Chapel Publishing) Carve a Traditional Mallard Drake from Start-to-Finish, including Patterns, Paint Swatches, and Expert Step-by-Step Instruction by Tom Matus | May 1, 2003 After washing, take the decoys home, and hang the bags so the decoys can air-dry. Ben carved and painted in those early years for his own pleasure. Heinemann to carve his first bird in 1971. Apr 21, 2018 · The decoys I had used for a couple of seasons before I changed to upland were pretty dull and dilapidated, and were in need of a good paint job. Re flocking waterfowl decoys is not a project you want to tackle in a couple hours. Works Great in your Decoy Spread. Exposure to sun robs their luster. 99. If the decoy looks new, it is unlikely to be an antique. Ensure the adhesion of your favorite Parker Duck Boat Paint by properly preparing your surface and priming with Parker's Oil Based Duck Boat Primer. Bob Jones has carved and painted wooden duck decoys for more than 60 years. Oct 08, 2008 · I have done 10 dozen herter decoys. How to Paint Goose Decoys Painting your goose decoys can be done with a few supplies and a little learning. Smith, Chris Craft Boat Co. These paints have a dull matt finish to better duplicate the look of real ducks. I would like to have enough decoy paint to fully paint 14 mallard decoys. Flambeau" and measure 15" x 7" x 7 1/2"and 16" x 7" x 7 1/2"and 15" x 7" x 7 1/2" These are pre-owned decoys with a bit of dirt and worn paint here and there. If this is your first decoy duck, you might want to paint it now. Parker oil-based decoy paints are dead flat with 0 reflective sheen, and provide durability that exceeds the demands of the harshest hunting conditions. Mar 19, 2018 · Best Duck Decoys For the Money – Avian X – Top flight Fusion Mallards – When you pick a set of Avian X Fusion Mallards you’ll notice an ultra-realistic paint scheme. to A. This is especially the case in direct sun that can create an unrealistic glare off painted decoys. Heavy, boat hull shape. I'll get some pics for you tomorrow. Oil Based Paint Kits & Individual Cans. Think of the pleasure that would bring whether you want to put them on your mantle or in the water and use them as working decoys. $405. Avian X Decoys. And with 17 species available, You can use any paint that you might currently use on any hunting decoy. 2 Antique 19th Century-1920's Primitive Black Wooden Duck Decoys Original Paint. Martha Stewart learns to paint carved duck decoys with Phil and Wyatt Freed. This and it’s rig mate duck are among his last creations, and show extremely well executed scratch painting effects. Durable in the weather. Dec 17, 2008 · Hit every decoy with a coat of gesso. I have a lot of decoys that need to be painted up. This gives it a very good surface for the paint to stick. , near Boston, who is said to have begun carving miniature decoys as a child and made stunning wood duck drakes. You can "recoat" older decoys, just wash all dirt off prior and make sure they are dry. Repaint your decoys to look realistic to the birds. Unfollow evans duck decoys to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. Spoonzilla Shoveler Duck Motion Decoy. Decoy size, shape & texture may vary, so adapt your technique accordingly. Weighted keels on these decoys make them great floaters. Sep 04, 2018 · Read the latest on UV Light and Duck Vision from Flambeau Outdoors the leader in duck decoys with realism that gets results. Parker UV Decoy Paint. We can  This bird was new in the early-80s - and stopped a load of shot on her very first day afield. While you need not be a professional artist to create a reasonable facsimile of a live duck, you must  Duck decoys can take on a dull, unnatural look after a few seasons of hard use. Duck Decoys Paint Wmw Featuring a lot of duck decoys paint wmw for sale online. Signed by Frank with his wood burner on the bottom. 5 Jan 2016 PAINT: Clean the entire decoy with Mineral spirits, turpentine, acetone, lacquer thinner, or rubbing alcohol. A childhood fascination with waterfowl and his first trips to an uncle's duck blind inspired artist Ben A. Dec 14, 2011 · Just tried a few sample decoy re-paints. You can get books on carving duck decoys as well. Carver: Unidentified Weight: 20 Price: $575 Red Breasted Merganser Decoy Duck Decoy Decoys Original Paint Wmw Tack Eyes 2. Fig. Notify me of updates to Bird Vision Drake Mallard UV Decoy Paint Kit 24 to 36 Decoys. Decoy Paint categories. Find a wide variety of hunting decoys in standard or larger sizes. Green-winged Teal Decoy Blank - Drake. Chapter 4: Painting Awesome, awesome, awesome. $159. 45 Welcome to G&H Decoys! A Waterfowl Tradition Since 1934. Students may choose a hen or drake to carve and paint; painting will be done in oils. Most of our decoys are vintage wooden duck decoys, although we do have some contemporary decoys as well. $99. They are well-known for an emphasis on original paint. Allen decoy paints, for the duck, goose hunter, and all waterfowlers. Pr Old Antique Matching Duck Decoy Pratt Mason Chicago Glass Eyes. Topflight Green-Winged Teal Duck Decoys - 6 Pk. A homage to the days of waterfowling where custom, hand-carved cork and balsa decoys were what filled the flyway spreads. Vintage Oliver Lawson Mated Pair Mallard Duck Decoys Made 1964 Signed. Duck Decoys $75. Ending Today at 7:20PM PST. Harmon praises Lincoln’s highly stylized paint patterns and his unique and stately form. During hunting season they’re stomped on, shot and generally mistreated by man and dog alike. We offer Decoy Paint Kits for these ducks (with number of birds a kit will paint): In response to our valued customers comments and concerns Parker's has upgraded the packing of their decoy paint kits. Bluebill with black and white paint, glass eyes, and shot scars. Free shipping Quick view Manawatu Closing on Friday, 24 Apr. Sep 17, 2008 · I just got out of school and am trying to get my own duck hunting gear (dont want to just mooch off of the partners ) so for a start i picked up 14 used mallard decoys this summer that i need to repaint before the season. This classic grey decoy A duck decoy is a man-made object resembling a real duck. But premium flocked decoys usually come with a premium price tag. In order to prepare for next year, it's time to get them cleaned up and ready. Order now from our secure order entry system. Took about 1 minute per decoy. Rubbing and bumping against other decoys and ice causes paint to chip off. So let's cut through the perfect paint jobs  As mallards are found all over the world, they are the foundation of duck hunting spreads. Water Based Paint can also be used on Plastic Decoys but needs an extremely long time to dry properly. All duck species listed below are available with full finishing instructions using Polytranspar Airbrush Paint Systems. The Zink Mallard Duck Decoys are lifelike and feather detail. Mallard drake marked "MALLARD" with glass eyes. $16. Powell I have been a duck hunter for over 50 years and after all the years of hunting over plastic decoys, all of which have the same look and ride unnaturally on the water, I decided to make my own. Clark was a hunter and wateman that tended to make few Duck decoys, as very few are known of, compared to his Shorebirds. Which honestly if this is your first season wood duck hunting this can easily be enough to start with. That’s why this DIY project is so useful: you can flock your Detailed paint schemes with reinforced adhesion feature Flambeau's UVision™ paint to reflect the real UV signature of waterfowl plumage to the eye of live ducks. Parker Decoy Paint Kits Each kit contains detailed instructions for painting procedure showing exactly which areas to cover for each color. Come season’s end, they’re tossed into a corner of the garage and left alone until the onset of UVision decoy paint is the only paint that matches the reflection from duck and goose feathers. The blow molded durable and ultra-realistic paint scheme. The decoy may have been a Bluebill or Redhead previously. Stylish black duck by this well known carver from Detroit, Michigan circa 1940…turned head with early gunning re-paint, glass eyes and solid body…raised neck seat gives it the high head lookapproximately 14”L. Solid decoys Members who found this post useful: 9 results for evans duck decoys Save evans duck decoys to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Rain Maker Canada Goose Flag. I've killed all types of divers, woodducks, mallards, wigeons, you name it, over these decoys. Parker Decoy and Duck Boat Paint - 2451 W Mason St, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54303 - Rated 4. This unique duck decoy has a head that swivels. I prefer to use oil based enamels on my foamers and use them both painting with a brush and thinned painting with an airbrush. These decoys quickly became a hot commodity to the wealthiest of hunters that couldn’t be bothered to make them themselves, and in the mid to late 1800s, carvers E. All Yahara Bay Decoys are painted with oil base paints matched to the original Herters Decoys colors. $20. $175. 00 shipping. Check out our Navigator Decoys, Duck Decoys (broken down into Field and Mallard ), Goose Decoys, Turkey Decoys, Weather Vane Decoys, Accessories and Replacement Parts. Hen has more in-use wear, especially to the underside of the tail and along the right side and breast area. Nice Old Pair of 1920's Hays Mason Glasseye Mallard Wood Duck Decoys. Haid. Size: Magnum size Full body decoy, length 20inches with a wing span of 29inches. He measures 10 inches long, SOLD Canvasback wooden duck decoy by C. We have seen it with Full Bodies, shells, and windsocks. These plastic decoys are more marked. I also paint the bills with this color – especially on the Drakes. Russ also regularly represents clients at auction and as an agent in negotiating private sales. The other 2 are resting to add to the reality of your decoy set-up. At G&H, we perform The Mason Decoy Factory made very few Wood Duck decoys. The six pack contains 3 drakes and 3 hens. True-to-life drake and hen paint schemes. Check out our UV Reflective Decoy paint kits this is the Best Decoy Paint on the market!! From mallards to redheads we've got a decoy for all your hunts. Read more > Avian-X Duck Decoys. 7"h. We also carry an extensive line of cork kits and supplies allowing you to create your own gunning decoys. Koch is quite the character, according to some and has carved as many as 160 decoys in a year, spends all his time making decoys, duck hunting or writing about it. Restoration by Patrick Kane. Dec 12, 2014 · Date: December 12, 2014 Author: Steven Jay Sanford Category: How I Do It, Uncategorized Tags: Bean's Black Duck decoys, Bean's Coastal Decoys, Bean's cork decoys, Bean's Decoys, Bean's Mallard Decoys, Behr paints, Behr samples, Black Duck, cork decoys, George Soule, Home Depot, LL Bean, Mallard, painting decoys, Re-painting decoys, Steve Coot decoys entice wary waterfowl from great distances. Jan 16, 2020 · How to Paint Duck Decoys. However, they do offer a durable paint scheme that should provide you with years of hunting. Find goose & duck decoys at Bass Pro Shops. Exceptional original factory paint remains with an untouched surface. When you decide what patterns to paint, here are some other tips (to add to the good advice you've already received): 1. 22 Oct 2012 Does anybody have experience repainting decoys? Did you have any good or bad experiences with any brands of paint? Also, is just going to Lowes and buying some cheap satin. Trapezoidal keel with forward tie-off point helps these decoys create an intensified wake when deployed on a jerk rig. Everything is guaranteed to be as represented. 99 Black Scoter - $24. This product is the only decoy paint designed around the way  Archaic-period Native Americans (from 6000 B. Several years ago, when I carved and painted my first wood duck, I paid more than the price of this book for a booklet on just painting the wood duck. 50 15 Bids 9h 14m. Glass eye model in restored condition. You will be pleased with your results. It’s evident in the ultra-realistic paint schemes, carefully crafted molding and true-to-life postures in every one of our decoys. Some have history and stories, others their story may never be known. These decoys certainly aren’t natural-looking, but they mix in well with decoys with regular paint jobs. Before setting out to paint my decoys I talked to a number of experienced duck hunters, and reading whatever I could online. View It on eBay. Standard grade glass eye model. 99 Black Duck - $39. Lawrence River Decoys is one of the oldest manufacturers of ready-to-paint fish decoys. We also stock all the materials you will need to paint and hunt these decoys: adhesive, primer, paint (FME & acrylics), brushes books, video, decoys & mother lines, keels, 5" line clips and moral support. Duck Decoys to Transform Your Next Hunting Experience At SCHEELS, we carry a variety of duck decoys to help make your duck hunts more enjoyable and more successful. Maine Vintage Hand Made Duck Decoy. Put on the gloves and finger guard. Inspect the eyes of the decoy. Parker's Decoy Paint is available in 34 colors, 11 of which are UV reflective colors with UVision Technology. $130. No flocking. Our wildlife decor and corporate gifts include beautifully painted duck and loon reproductions, dog urns, lamps, etc. _ Considering how much enjoyment they provide, waterfowl decoys don't get much respect. Available in a host of species, styles and price points, our duck, mallard and teal decoys and accessories will fill the needs of practically any duck-hunting adventure. 19 Sep 2018 How to repaint old decoys. This camo spray paint has held up so far for 2 years and the deeks were also used in salt water and the decoys still look great. Duck Decoy Paint Kits Detailed kit contents>>> Generational decoys deserve the best decoy paint. Presenting Duck Decoy in stock and ready for shipping here on the internet! Realistic Duck Decoys. $750 or $1400 for the pair Decoys priced over $150. 1: Mason Premier Grade wood duck drake, ca. I use Camo paint from home depot to paint them it worked great. Superior to all other we tested on the market, especially to Rustoleum Paint (note it is a paint and not an adhesive. Hughes Wood Duck Decoy. Other models are designed to look like they're swimming in the water. 99 Old Squaw - $69. WOOD PINTAIL DRAKE hunting decoy duck decoy decoys original Details are key to getting birds to land, so pay close attention the quality of the paint job. 00 ( 5% Off ) Rig'Em Right Jerk Rig. Use flat camo paint, this dose the trick and cheaper then herters paint. Have you ever been snow goose hunting and watched 1000's of Adult geese flare at 300 yards from your decoys? This happens especially on cloudy days. Measures 16 1/4 long. Strong V pattern for primaries. Took some (very) old mallard decoys and thew on some black/white/grey/red primer/paint. Storm Front 2 Classic Wood Duck Decoys - 6 Pk. After years of development, Twilight Labs, LLC has released UVision Decoy Paint. American, 20th century. During hunting season  May 5, 2015 - Even new decoys eventually lose their luster, so most waterfowl- hunting sportsmen should learn how to paint duck decoys. King Critter Decoy. 99 Mallard - $69. Just used simple spray paint. Then, as you are painting, always refer to your duck photos as Decoy Paint Kit - Large $49. Columbia River Decoys consists of handmade, handpainted duck decoys used for waterfowling. Let me make this SUPER easy for you to do by following my step by step directions on how to paint goose decoys. This "cures" the coating. Hard Core Rugged Series Standard Mallard Duck Decoys. If you are  22 Jun 2015 _A little dab of paint can do wonders for a decoy's appearance and make it more appealing to the real thing. 100lbs of cob mix will coat a lot of decoys. Water Based Paints are best used on Burlap, Cork and Wood Decoys. Consider how you want to control your duck decoy. Does anyone have experience doing this? I am looking to know  25 Feb 2019 Dan Carson has carved more than 25000 decoys of ducks, swans, eagles and more. Moving on to Paint After the decoy is primed and ready, paint with as much detail as desired. If you go duck hunting, you likely use duck decoys to help attract the birds to your area. We buy Duck Decoys! If you have antique duck or fish decoys or shore bird carvings, we are always interested in adding to our inventory. 90 ( 5% Off ) Lucky Duck Lucky Pair II Decoys. Each piece, whether it’s a fish blank or a finished ornament or decorative piece, is hand-crafted by Bob who has more than 50 years of experience with woodworking and finishing. 1 Box - 6 Full Curl Decoys Improved paint scheme All Hens have 2 head styler, UP and feeder. This tutorial is centered around the Duck Blind video series on How to Carve Hunting Decoys. It's important to add weight to your decoys to keep them in  Results 1 - 48 of 1051 Get the best deals on Duck Decoy Paint when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. The decoys are all branded PK. Avian-X Topflight Black Duck Series Decoys 6-Pack. Each schedule is printed on both sides of 8 1/2" x 11" card stock. When painted and weighted on the bottom, for buoyancy, Carson said the mallard could be floated nearby on the Susquehanna Flats to  Fowl Foolers foam duck decoys are ready to be burlap wrapped or painted. Jeff Coats 3,658 views _A little dab of paint can do wonders for a decoy's appearance and make it more appealing to the real thing. Quick view Whether you paint with a brush like I did, or with an airbrush, you’ll probably have areas where the paint goes on fairly thick and needs adequate time to dry before being used. 99 1 Bid 6h 39m. Seemed to work fine. J. Carve toward that cut until the blade reaches it and the big piece of wood will just pop off. Hunters have known for along time that birds can see the reflection of UV clothing. I use different head positions and can customize your spread as you wish. 16 Jan 2020 If you go duck hunting, you likely use duck decoys to help attract the birds to your area. Working repaint by Ira Hudson probably 1930's. SPECKELBELLY DECOYS DUCK DECOYS CANADA GOOSE DECOYS SNOW GOOSE DECOYS DOVE DECOYS CROW DECOYS CRANE DECOYS WOOD PIGEON DECOYS COYOTE & FOX HUNTERS BARGAINS TENT STAKES Camouflage Paint ROCK PIGEON DECOYS NEW Outfitter Flying Decoy Kit TURKEY DECOYS NEW WINDSOCK DECOYS NRA FUD Decoys Call Lanyards duck decoys, goose decoys, uv paint, uv decoy paint Flambeau Duck Decoy Lot 3 Plastic 16" x 7" x 7 1/2" Hunting Gun Sport Decoy This is a lot of THREE duck decoys. Sep 12, 2008 · Follow the directions on the can and it will help your paint stick to the plastic. One option to full repainting, which is a time-consuming process, is to paint repaired decoys flat black or flat brown. Features: Solid Body. Algonac, Mi. They all look the same, and most have paint issues. Shop the complete Avian-X collection of turkey, duck and goose decoys. In a way, I have always kind of felt that I was carving to have something to paint, since painting was what led me to carving to begin with. I got my can at Wal-Mart in the auto section, but I imagine you can find it at an auto parts store. Duck decoys get bumped around a lot as you carry them to and from your hunting spot. Follow these simple steps on how to paint duck decoys. It is a job that is easy to put off and chances are that come next opening day, you will  This tutorial is centered around the Duck Blind video series on How to Carve Hunting Decoys. If you don't use the promoter, then you will have to lightly sand the decoy to insure paint adhesion. You can purchase duck decoys for any species you'd like, or you can easily paint your own with spray paint and/or acrylic paint. C. Ending Today at 7:56AM PST. Each decoy is individually molded and hand painted, and are created for natural movement, incredible realism and durability. False Cape Cork Gunning Decoys Handmade by William E. Purchase one small- to medium-sized can of satin finish black latex paint and another can of satin-finish white latex paint. G&H Decoys, Inc. Stop cuts are also Drake is near mint with just a couple small rubs to the paint. Adding a special touch to your set is very rewarding and adds to the hunting experience. Both decoys retain the original glass eyes and are in bold paint as well as very nice form. 13"l. "We've started using a newly-developed ultra-flat black paint that achieves the same result as flocking but without the Mason Tack Eye Drake Black Duck Decoy Original Paint Description: A very fine original Mason decoy, tack eye drake black duck in original paint. 11 Oct 2020 intensive TWO DAY class in which students will learn the methods and techniques needed to carve and paint a Ring Necked Duck decoy. Vintage decoys will look and feel old. Dec 19, 2016 · Decoys Decoy Painting VLOG - April 5th 2017 Jeff Coats Pitboss Waterfowl Maryland VLOG_051 - Duration: 4:43. Apr 03, 2020 · Another renowned decoy maker was Joseph Whiting Lincoln (1859-1938) from Accord, Mass. Item: IK-424527. Black duck, Mason Decoy Factory, Detroit, Michigan, 1st quarter 20th century. Most of the neck filler has fallen off over the years. UVision decoy paint is the only paint that matches the reflection from duck and goose feathers. Pre-Packed boxes are all sold. 99 Harlequin - $62. $149. Avian-X Topflight Blue-Winged Teal Series Decoys, 6-Pack. Wings Detach for easy transport. Excellent 1981 Original Hen Pintail Woodcrafted Howard S. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Avery's original line of duck decoys is still going strong in the Hunter Series. Save money and recycle your old duck decoys!! 15 Aug 2018 If you have been hunting long enough you probably have some old decoys laying around. Mason Decoy Factory produced thousands of decoys during its operation until closing its doors in 1924. Ducks Unlimited Exclusive Wood Duck Decoy Widgeon #692 TJ Hooker 1985-86 Ltd Ed. Extra time and consideration is given to each carving to create the "life-like" appearance. 00 Read More Loon Decoy Decoy Duck Decoy Decoys Original Paint Hans Ganzel Signed - $5. Painting Duck Decoys: 24 Full-Color Plates and Complete Instructions Vintage Hunting Duck Decoys By the 1920s, making duck decoys had progressed to an art form with beautiful decoys being carved from locally available materials. Yahara Bay Decoys shanks are 5/8 in. This is why field hunters must mud their field blinds before using them and why I do not wash my duck and goose hunting clothes with laundry detergent. Check your duck references to find the distinguishing traits, such as plumage colors, for the duck species you plan to hunt. Next, do a simple paint touch-up to restore the decoys' bright look. 9"h. jb 10:07 AM 10-25-2003. Schmidt, master Michigan carver. All foam filled, swivel heads, removable and fill able keels. Scientists in Nevada found ancient duck decoys in a cave that opened onto the fossilized  Jan Avery and Syd Wood complement each other's skills as, together, they carve and paint beautiful duck decoys. Save $4. 2 of the drakes are active. 00 A beginning value range for collectible, common Mason duck decoys would be $700-$1200 for most decent birds with original paint. 99 Barrows Goldeneye - $58. They are very rare. East Coast Style Wood Duck Drake Duck Decoy Painted Eyes Wmw 1. Regular decoys with sand keel or Impostor decoys with removable keels. Consider adding a “confidence” decoy to your set up—these are decoys specifically made to put ducks at ease and encourage them to land. Dec 17, 2015 · Paint Oil-based prime sealer keeps the sap in, covers the knots, and makes a good surface for paint to adhere to, so use that first. 00 9 Bids 8h 58m. Shop waterfowl decoys for wood ducks, mallards, pintails, canada goose, snow goose and decoy accessories at great prices! Fall 2011 - Vincenti Decoys launches its new web site offering upper bay style decoys carved by Pat Vincenti, Decoy Carving Supplies, Ronan Decoy Paints, Vintage Waterfowl Accessories, and Chesapeake Bay Collectible Decoys. Goldeneye Decoy Blank. is proud to offer decoys that are American made and of superior quality and value. 8 lbs with the keels not filled. Green-winged Teal wooden duck decoy by Western Dodge or Portland area carver, tack eyes, worn paint with shot marks, head is loose yet firmly attached to a dowel. It's been a passion since he was a teenager. Welcome to Canada's waterfowl store. The Canada Goose is one of the most popular confidence decoys. Oct 18, 2018 · One-piece decoys make life much easier, and this 4-pack includes 2 relaxed uprights and 2 swimming uprights with weighted keels. A small chip on the left side of the bill is the only apology. 1905, sold at auction in 2000 for $354,500, an auction record for a Mason decoy and the sixth highest price ever paid for any waterfowl decoy Series 72 Unfinished Decoy Kits We have Series 72 bodies assembled with keels in Series 72 Kits, ready for you to prime and paint. We're giving the. Below see some of the vintage and antique duck decoys for sale we have in our antiques mall. For the waterfowl We have experience repairing, burlap wrapping, and painting Herters Decoys, Restle Decoys, Toledo Decoys, and many other foam floaters. This is accomplished by using stop-cuts. This allows you to maintain all the detail originally cast into your block. 99 Gadwall - $55. and to prove it, hunted ducks for 81 days in a single calendar year. Antique-Style Duck Decoys: Contemporary Techniques to Carve and Paint in the Folk Art Tradition . The Goldbergers maintain a large and ever-changing inventory of vintage duck and shorebird decoys and American folk art. Painting Duck Decoys: 24 Full-Color Plates and Complete Instructions [Hillman, Anthony] on Amazon. Along with 10 colors specially formulated in partnership with Dixie Decoys. Black-Duck-Spray-Paint. At the end of the day, it isn’t our competition we’re trying to beat, it’s the birds themselves. Step 7: Field test. When you start, settle on a simple design of a duck you are reasonably familiar with. ) Storm Front 2 Classic Blue-Winged Teal Duck Decoys - 6 Pk. Collecting Mason Decoys This article is excerpted from Mason Decoys, A Complete Pictorial Guide--Expanded Edition by Russ J. The detail in the feathers and the color blend and fade looks very realistic. Duck Decoys Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by average rating Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low Showing 1–12 of 64 results THREE DUCK DECOYS. Duck decoys were historically carved from wood, often Atlantic white cedar wood on the east coast from Maine to South Carolina, or cork. A life time of enjoyment will follow each purchase as you will continue to appreciate White UVision Snow Goose Paint. The painting segment on the video featured the use of JoSonja ( JS) paint products that I replaced with the more durable DecoArt “Traditions”  27 Dec 2018 You can purchase black decoys or you can create your own by simply painting a couple of hen mallard decoys with flat-black spray paint. Dakota Decoys Full Body Mallard Duck Decoys 6 Pack. Old Vintage Wooden Duck Decoy Bazewick s Collection MAKE YOUR OFFER HERE. Valued art form Today, decoys are considered collectible folk art, and some vintage pieces are worth six figures or more, depending on their condition. However, this is minor overall. NOTE: Never paint foam decoys with spray paint. Whatever your enjoyment is, duck hunting, collector, photographer or hobbyist, carving and painting your own duck decoys can bring you great pleasure. Reel Wings Apparel and Gear. Decoys priced over $150. It dries in a matter of minutes, then you are ready to paint your duck decoy. Vintage Wooden Redhead Decoy Hen by Benj. If this is your first attempt to make a duck decoy, don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t turn out just the way you want it. Decoy paint is carefully selected for each species and dries to a matte finish. 1"W x 1/2"H 734 results for decoy paint Save decoy paint to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. 99 Pintail - $66. Use a power washer to blast mud and loose paint off decoys. This is because it is important to have brightly painted decoys to help catch the attention of ducks flying near your spread. Every few years we recommend putting a fresh paint on your duck decoys. He is finished in a matte black paint with amber eyes. All flat/matte finish, or just straight primer. Also, I was wondering, if I do paint them, how many of them should be drakes, and how many should be hens? Thanks. Read more > The Goldbergers maintain a large and ever-changing inventory of vintage duck and shorebird decoys and American folk art. Decoy and duck boat paints for all your waterfowling needs. UV Bird Vision is the best UV Reflective paint on the market! If you need a custom UV color give us a call and we will make it for you. Scoot-N-Shoot Turkey Decoy. Our Glue- NEW Ure-Glue. Feeding decoys can also be very effective. Each kit with cover 24 Standard Decoys; Black Duck and Canada Goose Kits cover 12 Decoys Decoy Carving & Painting Supplies. Dec 29, 2010 · "Flocking is a big thing on decoys now, but it's fragile," says Duck G. This site showcases a wide array of listings at an array of pricing. Whether in the post-season of the warm winter   25 Nov 2019 Sometimes one's passion for a hobby can turn into a lifelong venture. by Parker Paints. Each carving is a one-of-a-kind original; no two are the same. 45 Redhead - $44. Our lifelike postures and detailed paint schemes simply can't be beat! View this item and discover similar for sale at 1stdibs - This aged wooden duck decoy is a perfect addition to your garden decor. The paint and wood will have a consistent, overall wear pattern. New Listing Antique Wooden Bald Pate Duck Decoy Old Wood. jpg. Outfitter Kits. Plastic duck decoys are just flat out boring. Aug 26, 2013 · Re flocking waterfowl decoys is a cost effective way to bring new life to your decoys spread without having to buy replacement heads or even worse, new decoys. Grebe - Pied-billed Decoy Blank. The only full body ureathane foam Wind driven decoys on the market. There are also a few commercial decoy paint kits available on the market if you prefer to go that route. I found it necessary to give up wood carving this past year. (Be sure to purchase satin finish, not gloss or semi-gloss. 99 Canvasback - $49. Hard Core's ultradurable FowlFlex technology. They are carry-lite decoys that are in good shape but the paint is coming off. Those decoys can be handed down from generation to generation. 2 Antique . Convincing Duck Decoys for Your Next Hunt . com. Added a matte clear coat, seems to help with shine a little (?). Flocked decoys offer several advantages over painted dekes. Bluebill with glass eyes and black, grey, and white paint. Oct 9, 2017 - Even new decoys eventually lose their luster, so most waterfowl-hunting sportsmen should learn how to paint duck decoys. The drawback here is that they do cost more than other wood duck decoys. Decoy drawings key the color to the parts which are to be painted. Dec 01, 2017 · The box offers 2 low head drakes, 2 high head drakes and 2 low head hens. 45 Black Belly Tree Duck - $42. This Wind Duck will turn its wings in any wind 5+ mph. Vintage waterfowl decoys often have glass eyes. Antique Style Duck Decoys Contemporary Techniques to Carve and Paint in the Folk Art Tradition Handle the duck decoy for careful inspection. Canadian Waterfowl Supplies carries duck decoys for field and water hunting from manufacturers such as Dakota Decoy, Higdon Outdoors, Tanglefree Waterfowl, Avian-X, Greenhead Gear, DOA Decoys, and more. Dried mud can leave a grimy film over decoy bodies  those shabby duck decoys painted? Yeah right! Surely I am kidding? Duck season is still months away, we will have plenty of time to do that painting later. Canada Goose Decoy Blank - High Head. Canada Goose Decoy Blank - S-Head. Dakota Decoy X-Treme Mallard Dabbler Duck Duck Decoys. 1) used duck decoys made from tule reed to lure birds within reach of their bows and arrows. Apr 24, 2017 · Inside the museum, displays show the progression of duck decoys as an art form, plus there’s a mock duck hunt club, and an in-house carver working on a new decoy every day. While hunters used hand-carved and machine-made decoys for many years, many were made as decorations for their yards. Canvasback Decoy Blank. We carry a selection of fine tools and paints, plus an extensive selection of carving and painting patterns and books. Focusing on tons of Duck Decoy and relevant listings available for sale online. Blue Bill by Charles Clark, Chincoteague, VA circa 1900. Mar 24, 2009 · The paint gives your decoys the appearance of UV or ultraviolet rays. Gallon of paint will 1st coat around 50 ducks and 2nd coat around 25. Each kit includes enough paint for the number of standard decoys as noted above plus an instruction sheet with a diagram of the duck to be painted. Homer Decoys can proudly say that we offer the most durable decoys on the market today. We get mostly gadwalls here, so most of my decoys are gadwall, or repurposed old Mallard decoys, converted to gadwalls with rattle can paint (tan, brown, black and white), a little masking tape, and a speculum size cardboard cutout for the wing patch, easy peasy See what you have in your area during the season and convert accordingly. CONDITION: Original paint with minor wear; minorflaking to original neck filler; minor flaking at a knot in back; small dent on one side of tail. Canada Goose Decoy Blank - 13" Long. I have restored Mason decoys with a Wood Duck paint pattern. He is the author of"All Duck Hunters Are Crazy. Decoys can be made with lots of detail, or rather basic, letting the paint do the detail work. I plan to remove as much of the current paint as possible to assure that the paint has a good surface to bond to, then use Canvasback duck (female) decorative by Frank Schmid of Mississauga, Frank won many many awards in the 70’s and 80’s for his work. Shop flambeau hunting decoys at DICK'S Sporting Goods. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us, we have several items in our inventory that are not listed here. The 4 Best Duck Decoys On The Market. D. The glue for the last coat makes the paint rub off a little more than have sawdust for the last coat cause the paint soaks into the wood. As well as other duck hunting articles, videos, tips, tactics, and more waterfowl hunting. It seems very detailed, complete, and unambiguous. WhaleTail keel for lifelike movement. Paint stays on well. Maintaining a rig of 75-100 decoys which required painting almost every fall was his first introduction to his decoy career. The painting segment on the video featured the use of JoSonja (JS) paint products that I replaced with the more durable DecoArt “Traditions” (Jansen) line of acrylics. grid categories. Fast Shipping and unbeatable prices. Wood Duck wooden duck decoy pair by Mason Decoy Factory. I like it for the bottoms of decoys because I can later write my name or initials on it with a Black marker. The Tominator Turkey Reaper Decoy. The paint will adhere better to a very clean Pair of Duck Decoys - Shop by Room Outdoor Painted resin. Includes a list of paint and supplies needed, step-by-step instructions, and black & white diagrams showing the areas of paint application. If you have questions regarding the products or the prices, please email or call toll free at 1-800-852-7352. 50 Higdon Outdoors Standard Pintail Decoys, 6-Pack. Bill Gombold, 65, of Squaw Lake restores and paints duck decoys, and hunts over a collection like few others. orderby Position Name Asc Name Desc Price Asc Price Desc Created On The first paint to go on is a Grey Primer. GHG Pro Grade FFD Elite Full Body Mallard Duck Decoys - Harvester 6 Pack. Going by the guide above, and personal experience, I have found four different duck decoys that are sure to be a great addition to any spread and in my opinion the best duck decoys for the money. May 5, 2015 - Even new decoys eventually lose their luster, so most waterfowl-hunting sportsmen should learn how to paint duck decoys. Just wondering if any one knew any good decoy paint kits out there. Place a straight cut into a part of the bird where wood needs to be excised. Homer Decoys are designed and built to last a lifetime and withstand the harshest of hunting conditions. Using the x-acto knife, make broad shaping cuts to remove large chunks of wood. If you're just doing a touch-up, though, you might just want to use soap/water and a soft brush, then rinse very well. And he still loves the craft. All decoys are allowed to cure for a week and then top coated with a flat clear finish. Decoys weight approx. The main thing to remember is that ALL details should be symmetric, and the decoy, if cut in half down the length of the body, should be a mirror image. Green-winged Teal Decoy Blank - Hen. Purchase either a kit with all the colors you need to repaint your decoys, or buy the colors individually. how to paint duck decoys

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